So....Ms Shine/ Ms Number #1 (finally) seems to have forgotten where she was 3 months ago. I'm talking about Estelle - British songstress that went cross Atlantic to get a record deal.

In recent weeks since she released American Boy featuring Kanye, she seems to have not only worked with him but adopted his persona. Can someone please tell this girl that she is good but we humour her half the time.

It all started with a radio interview I heard on Choice FM, UK where she got into lip-war with an anchor after they tried to play an April's Fool joke on her. Next, she goes on record criticizing British songstress Duffy and Adele (both have better voices than her). At Renaissance man, we are like Estelle - DON'T GET ABOVE YOURSELF. It's only been 3 minutes.

We thought we should remind her where she was a year ago, just cause you're wearing Vivienne Westwood now, don't mean you've arrived.

Look at the highlights in her hair from back in the day. No comment!


Tiger Tem said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Really Estelle. Tut tut. She messed up on Choice? Wow, don't bite the hand that fed you an all.

What I'm wondering is how she'll stand out in America as on that American Boy track, which i like, she's singing, and not giving us any of her London street style rap...which is why we all liked her. If she plans to sing....tricky, tricky.

zed-eye said...

haha, can you believe i gave this babe my business card and had a meeting with her about her image and how ZED-EYE designs can help with a new look this was 5 years ago am glad she took the advice from someone with vision ike me :-), and now she gave the job to someone else, well i wish her all the best in the future, she has come a long way and boy she deserves it all,