When B-Day dropped sometime in 2006, I was slightly disappointed because I felt Ms Jay-Z wasn't pushing the boundaries or herself far enough musically. The same format was written all over the tracks which strangely were all recorded in less than 2 weeks.

I must confess I did tune off her music until yesterday when I heard a song tilted "Beautiful Nightmare" as of press time, I do not know if this is from an upcoming album or movie soundtrack or whom produced it, I just think this is the kind of music the superstar should be aspiring to. This is crisp, fresh and increadibly catchy.

There isn't a video for the song but thank Goodness for the millions of creative people on YouTube - here is a slightly-low budget promotional video.

Enjot the song.

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Anonymous said...

Disappointed in BDAY? and give Ushers new album 5/5???? what a travesty! I know what to get you for your next bday (no pun intended).