If you've read this blog before, you'd realise that I blame Justin Timberlake for everything. It's not like I dislike the dude or anything - I genuinely think he put out the best male Solo R&B album of 2007 but I just think he is responsible for a lot of pop-turn to R&B diluted music. Too many kids want to be Justin and do his dance move and sleep with Britney (oh my bad! Cameron)...He's just a record company template and that pisses me off.

The new wannabe JUSTINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN is this 21-year old American musical/TV star turned recording artist. He was with Disney (just like Justin), sings "contemporary R&B soul" (just like Justin), he's even won a Grammy for Best Children's album for How sweet It is (just like Justin).....do you see my problem?!!!!

Anyway, he's got a new single called Leavin' and my word could this sound anymore or look anymore similar to NSYNC's breakout single, Gone.


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