It’s official.

I never want to have another debate about who is better D’Angelo or Maxwell? I have never lend myself to that idle discussion but feel the need to shut this shit down right now. Last week, I purchased my copy of BlackSummer’sNight and like a groupie with an all access tag I have sized the record from all corners.

Like the reoccurring 80’s banter (often when one is inebriated) on whether Prince was in fact better than MJ – the bottom-line still stands – they both stand for different things – one churned out an album a year whilst the other well, was simply Michael Jackson.

Maxwell’s new effort is special in many ways – it feels like someone has finally compensated us for the premature death of the neo-soul movement or more literally, the ‘Neptunes’-killed-the-movement. If you know what I mean you might just feel like Maxwell has saved the memory of many ‘lost ones’ from Bilal to Rashaan Patterson to Lauryn to D’Angelo.

It might have taken him an eternity and a new haircut to bring us back to our knees but I didn’t think I could be this excited about this new album. The album is a creeper – you will need to pay attention. The vocals are immaculate.....those falsettos rival just about anyone in the business.

His song writing skills have also received some Diane Warren-esque polish shine with the singer often stepping away from his ‘sensual’ comfort zones and attempting to pen more political/moral orientated songs such as ‘Stop the world’ and the vulnerable ‘Fistful of Tears’.

To be honest, the artistic ability of his band is the highlight of the record – between Hod David (Guitar), Kenneth Whalum (Saxophone), Chris Dave (Drums) and Derrick Hodge (Bass) they serve up some fantastic soul music for 2010 and beyond.
This is very much Urban Hang Suite Maxwell as opposed to the ‘Now’ Maxwell. You will enjoy this –and if you don’t have your copy by Christmas – I will buy you a copy.

It’s a promise!

Enough selling, this week’s Friday Track is lifted from the album and this is the very up-beat ‘Love you’. Click here:


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RM said...

Ok I know I'm a century late,but I still want dt cd! Lol (u promised)..ur sense of humor is out of dis world! I lov lov lov all ur articles :-)