Happy Friday peeps

If I were to pray for anything for you this year – it’d be that you have good health – 100% health – the type of health that you run to the bus stop every morning (just because you can), the type that you sing in the shower at the top of the lungs (just because you can), the type that you spin round in circles for hours (just because you can), the type that you try to keep up with your 5-year old nephew....just because you can.

We all remember the ‘parentals’ used to swear by the motto: Health is Wealth. They say you become your mother and father so I guess I’ve become mine as I now subscribe to this way of life. There is nothing more important than what your body says – I now endeavour to salute mine every morning. In simple language: Oga sir!!!!

This Friday Track is a classic from the legendary Omar featuring Angie Stone. This is ‘Be Thankful’ in the back, sunroof top, digging the scene with a gangster lean. Click here:

I hope this beautiful song meets you with great comfort.

Until next week.

Keep cool!!

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