A round of applause for Ian Brown; the once relevant front man of the Stone Roses for his random remarks during yesterday’s Q Awards. Besides our shock at the fact he was awarded a ‘Legend’ award. We were even more flabbergasted by his hypocritical remark at the event’s Best Album winner, Amy Winehouse. His blatantly cheap dig at Amy’s widely reported drink problem was a comical and duplicitous slander considering this is the same man famous for his "I saw more drugs in a couple of months in Strangeways than in the whole of the rest of my lifetime" comment.

Mr Brown is no stranger to the law. In 1998, he was sentenced to 4 months in jail for air rage, after threatening a stewardess with airmeal plastic cutlery, offering to cut her hands off on a flight. Not to mention his assault charges during a San fransciso gig in 2005 and we can go on. In less than a decade, he had released five albums including Unfinished Monkey Business (1998), Golden Greats (1999), Music of the Spheres (2001), Solarized (2004); The World is yours (2007). Just in case you’re worried you haven’t heard of any of these ‘critically-acclaimed’ albums – don’t worry, you’re not alone!

We recommend that Ian Brown keeps his tongue in his month.


frieddodo said...

too right!...but stone roses did drop a classic album. ONE. Ok and i'll give him that track, the one were the video is him cycling backwards. But seriously, the guy's face is like a walking 'say no to drugs cause even the best aging cream won't work' ads.

Adeoye Omotayo said...

Can you imagine the cheek of it all. Everone one is trying to use Q as a voice box since Elton dissed Madonna for winning best live act three years ago. The difference is he's Elton John - he can afford to say things, who is this muppet?