It is without question that Lewis Hamilton, the 22-year old formula one car driver is the toast of Formula 1 sport today. Lewis, who won his first title, in 1995, at the age of 11, becoming the youngest British champion has been hailed as the "messiah" and the "billion dollar man". He was crowned GQ's Man of the Year 2007 and has become a tabloid favourite posing next to music stars and models.

However, on the track, his performance continues to be ridden with controversy courtesy of his team and advisors. First, was the gastronomical McLaren $100m fine and to more recently his 'skid off' weekend performance at the Chinese Grand Prix. It makes us wonder if this is another case of England blowing up its talents way too early, pushing these talents that ought to be nurture away from the limelight in hope that they become ' the next great sporting hope'. We have no doubt that Hamilton will become the new drivers' world champion however the British press in particular need to step back and watch from a distance and perhaps and I mean perhaps this great english hope can truly dazzle the world at large.

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