In today's digital satellite world, it seems like we are not getting newer channels, what we have are new extentions of our favourite channels. Flicking through Sky these days is as mundane as Martha Stewart, you have some shows been broadcasted more than thrice in a day.

How is this done? Take for instance Ugly Betty.

The new series was premiered on E4, then re-premiered (for non-satellite viewers) on Channel 4. If you missed that slot, you could catch up on Channel 4 + 1, if you were really impatient, you could watch ahead in the series on More 4 which also has an extention, More 4 + 1.

This is a growing trend amongst all TV giants, BBC, ITV, Channel 5 and we can't forget the genre-specific MTV extentions.

Which makes us ask the question: Are these extentions for the viewers benefit? or Is this just a brilliant way to generate advertising revenue like never before?

Let's Marinade on that for a second!