When I was much younger, I wanted a tattoo of a cross on my left arm just like DMX. At the time (believe it or not) I thought I was a Ruff Ryder. I bought the clothes, the CD and even saw Eve in concert (Oh yes!!!)

Today, I don't quite feel the same about the idea of having often 'meaningless' symbols and writings scribbled all over my slim-frame. I thought perhaps tattoos look better on a certain type of frame. Maybe if I was packing the heat - perhaps it might look good on me too.

Many people can't seem to identify exactly why they like/have tattoos. At Renaissance Man, we are looking for comments. opinions on why their is a phenomeon called body tattooing and why it is very unlikely that it will fade for generations to come.

We want to hear from you.


frieddodo said...

it's an art form of sort...ancient traditions....just modern chav Beckham-esque type variations nonsense. (as u can see i'm very articulate)

Tiger Tem said...

Its just another form of fashion accessory. Like jewellery. But permanent. And in today's society permanence is intrinsically transient anyway.

An idelible and sometimes private accessory (depends where you put one). I know a lot of people who have them and they're not in ridiculously obvious places.