You all now that we give mad props where it's due, right?! Well we think that you do and that sits just fine within us.

Last night, we experienced the premiere of K - to the N-O's new video. The single is 'Feel free' featuring Damon Albarn and the spectacular London Children's Choir. From start to finish, we were engaged by Kano's delivery of what could easily be a hit/miss single (not that we agree! but others might not get it)

His convincing promotional performance made us rate this 'London-town bruv' as the future of UK entertainment. Period!

He understands what it takes to do this business called show and although we are yet to see him live - we are increasingly impressed with his efforts.

If you don't have a copy of his sophomore album 'LONDON TOWN' you need to cop it! Seriously!

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Anonymous said...

He is jsut as good live. Believe!