Really, Winter is a b****!

At the start of the summer, I felt London (and the rest of the world) was full of beautiful people. I hadn't processed the fact that summer made everyone feel good and when one feels good - one makes an effort to look good too.

In recent times, (mostly on the London Underground) I'm starting to think people are looking more miserable and damn right fugly!

All caution has been thrown to the wind about outer appearance, you find people digging out their older coats (which frankly don't deserve an hanger), others are buried underneath layers of clothing with pale/ dry skin and everyone (and I mean, everyone) has the flu!

You get it - JUST NASTY!

So, for the fellas - cause I know you need more help than most. Here's a few suggestions on how to do your-thang this winter.

Is you don't have one of the above (or a replica in some cases) do it NOW!

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