I know it's been a minute since I've shared some insightful tips on how to protect your integrity using clothes (yes, I said it!!). Really, it's a new year if you think you need a wardrobe change..........chances are you do so don't hesitate contemplate retail.

I have three labels (soem high street) that I'm very fond of at present and here they are.

In no particular order;

1 LYLE & SCOTT - great for polos, V-necks and cardigans. They have become slightly commercial since T4 presenters decided to slaughter the eagle logo but we are still very fond of it. For a polo expect to pay roughly £39. Not bad eh?

2 ALL SAINTS - the london brand is doing some graet things at the moment. Apart from quickly becoming the McDonalds for high-fashion brands with stores everywhere in London. The summer collection is looking well nice. It might burn a little hole in the pocket but it is so 150% worth every bit of material.

3 COS - I randomly discovered this stand alone Regents street store last year but it has quickly taken over Zara in my mind as the first point of reference for basic shirts, trousers, and suits. Great tailoring and the most expensive shirt is £35.

All these stores do labels have a ready-to-wear womens' component. You know I can't forget the ladies.

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Tiger Tem said...

Yo Mr O. Just had to share one of my many normally useless nuggets of info.

Cos is owned by none other than H&M who having perfected their strain of cheap cack (sorry people...tell it like it is) noticed they either went cheaper to compete with Primark or went a little more boujis (he he) to compete with the spanish retail giant...zara.

But luckily they were smart enough to change the name to avoid alienating the market of the higher price point. C.O.S. Collection of Style. Very clever those Swedes.