I'm utterly guilty as charged. I was one of the Black Eyed Peas haters (post-where is the love). I apologise and I take back a lot of the hurtful things I said about them after Fergie joined. I just loved the 'Back To Front' album too much and I thought they stood for conscious hip-hop to the fullest. I often forget that people gotta get PAID.

Just in case you wondering why this rant and random apology. I have been listening to the recent Will.I.Am album 'Songs about Girls' and my word it is supreme.

First, I was slightly irritated for not having discovered it earlier and second, it was my arch-music rival that drew my attention to it.

Now, irregardless of what you think of the Black Eyed Peas and their unique way of selling the public energy. The have a real talented front man and the more I find out about Will.I.Am's abilities, the more I'm like damn, did he do that?

'Songs about Girls'
is a quirky blend of electro-hop (I just made that up, don't plagirise me). It is fresh and innovative and I want as many people as possible to support him.

Commercially, it has been a let down - this is by no means a reflection of the quality as its golden in content.

Tracks like Heartbreaker, The Donque Song are far superior to the lead single 'I got it from my mama'. Also, I really would like to speak with his marketing manager. the lead single was a disastrous choice and I honesty feel it possibly hinder the chart success of the record.

There are some killer lines on the record:

Ya I like the way your soul sounds to me
Ain't nobody do me the way you do me
I got the stamina for L-O-V-E
Whip out the camera lets make a movie
In the future we could look back at what we done did
We'll be makin love til we like a hundred
And thats why I had to remix this song
Cuz i want the truth to be told

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i wait to be convinced....