I was having a bad boy moment last night and I played classics from 112 (Only you), B.I.G (Big poppa), Craig Mack (Flava in ya Ear) and Total (Can't you See) and I couldnt help put reminisce as these songs were the soundtrack to my teenage-pubscent years.

I forgot how much I admired P.Diddy and his 'shiny-suit' artists. For pit sake, I bought a swimming google hoping to rock it as a pair of sunglseese. I blame Puffy!

Now, you can't rememeber Bad Boy Inc. without thinking about M A dollar sign E. The candy-non threatening puffy protege that made the world recognise Harlem world but some how disappeared faster than Hilary Rodham Clinton from South Carolina.

So I ask, what in the world happened to MA$E. I've heard rumours over the years about him turning to religion, smoking crack until I saw him appear next to 50 Cents in the 'Window shopper' video then I branded him "LOST".

Anyway, I will never forget how many girls loved "Tell Me What you want from me" featuring original Bad girls - TOTAL.

Please note how foxy the lead singer Keisha looked in this video. Too Hot.

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