I'm going to be very careful in my views on the refusal of the US to grant Amy Winehouse a visa to perform on Sunday's Grammy Awards. As we all know, Amy had been nominated for 6 prestigious grammys including Artist of the Year, Record of the Year (Rehab) and Album of the year (Back to Black)

Quite frankly, I'm slightly unimpressed by this rash decision. I do understand that she is a role model and must display exemplary behaviour however I find all this rather hypocritica considering many, many other artists (including Pete Doherty) have been giving visas despite their well-known addictions.

Is Amy really a scape goat? Is she simply a victim of media scrutiny and more importantly how far will the media go to destroy lives and career?

I want the world to recognise that the whole 'crack-video' scandal was completely planted by the Sun Newspaper in the UK so was her bra-sleep walking stunt.

The entire world has become emotionally-opinionated about Amy and her antics and I think it is imperative that we all know when to differentiate fact from fiction and the media that we rely on to give us first-hand information, don't always do just that.

Let's marinade on this for a second.

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