Very few people will not know who the iron-lady is. She is the iron-lady behind George Bush's policies and reforms. In the last eight years, she has swayed public opinion from her perception of a battle-axe to the today's soft-spoken power house in Chanel.

Quite frankly, I like the new Ms. Rice - always looking dashing in Chanel and Gucci shirt-suits. I was watching a special feature on Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement on CNN to celebrate Dr. King's birthday. During this feature, there was a story on a church that was burned in Alabama where three girls were caught-in-the-blaze.

It was revealed that 2 out of the 3 girls died in the blast and the only emerging one been the young Ms Rice.

These facts struck a chord with me as I pulled on the old cliche "Some are simply born to be great" - isn't this something!

We salute you Ms Rice - you should run for presidency in 2013.

Go figure!

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