Unless you've been living with apes over the past half-decade will you not have encountered the voice of either Akon or his partner/protege T-Pain. These men have become as linked to guest featuring as Pharrell Williams was at the start of the millennium. And they are good infact very good.

I write as I respond to a comment that I heard on hot97 about T-Pain taking over from Akon as he has more diversity in his approach to music. My initial reaction was "...isn't that a bit harsh" considering Akon paved the way for his protege to build a following.

I was watching the new T-Pain promotional video for 'Church' and I satrted to think - the boy is truly talented. He can dance, sing, produce and rumor-has-it, ACT! There is something very engaging about the way he approachs his music and although neither one are particularly remarkable singers - they make up for this with therir charisma. I'm a fan of both men and I don't think we should get involved in the "who's better" debate - especially not from pioneers HOT97.

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