Will, Will, Will

My love-hate relationship with Will smith has lasted as long as I can remember. I don't know what happened considering I was a huge fan of the Fresh Prince (I'm convinced I'm one of the few that has seen every single episode - no joke!) but as the "movie-star" appeared in the late 90s, something happened to our connection.

I think I blame some movie roles and the over-celebration of Hollywood tagging him as the "acceptable" one and it irritated me that he could command £20m and real black actors like Forest Whiatker - post Oscar, didn't.

Last night, I watched the very very heart-warming, In Pursuit of Happyness. I melted. I melted at the story. I melted at the performance. I melted at the vision of picking on such a strong topic and succeeding at telling the very compelling tale.

I know remembered some of his original roles which myself and my brother loved, Six Degrees of Seperation, etc.

There is no doubt, this man is very talented and more importantly he stands for something much more greater than just an actor and either you love him or loathe him, you can never deny him this.

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Anonymous said...

how is that physically possible?
Fresh prince forever!!