This train of shit just never stops. It just goes on and on and on until we all explode with diahorrea. 'New' word-on-the-street is Heidi from The Hills (A MTV semi-reality, semi staged show about three girls in LA struggling through the clutter of bullshit friendship and romance) has gone solo and even worse wait for it............she's working ona debut album. Yep....the girl that couldn't string more than three sentances together has decided to sing.

She currently has a promotional video on youtube that utterly mimics the Paris Hilton video for 'Stars are Blind' - sadly, I will never show such mediocry on this blog, you will have to do the research yourself to find the gem.

What the fuck? Is MTV allowing itself to be used as a platform for no talent considering it is supposed to be an advocate for good music. I'm personally appalled by this new revelation - when will the public learn and what is deeply saddening is this girls have a "fan base" because you know no record label will sign an artist without doing their feasibility report on who their potential audiences are.

This is just f**** up.

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