There is no doubt that this is going to rub people up the wrong way but I'd rather speak than swallow this.

It is the infamous Ms.Badu again and her creative juices. I'm done with trying to defend and justify her perceived "eclecticness" it is just damn tired!

I'm guessing the world has heard the album - oh my bad, let me rephrase - I'm sure a handful of you have heard her new produce <em>'Amerykah'

I actually spent the better half of this morning debating what possessed me to buy an album with such a self-indulging title in the first place. Jesus Lord, help this lady. I don't understand why Lauryn Hill is considered crazy and deranged when Erkyah is an "artist". I don't buy it.

This 11-track record is frankly dull. The attempt to communicate personal beliefs with the world in a confusing and agenda-driven manner is shocking. There is nothing here for music lovers to hold on to. It is full of not-quite-there moments and we have experienced this in previous efforts 'Mama's Gun' and the last one with the unpronouncable title.

You're a singer Erykah, sing - don't fill an album with interludes and public service announcements. C'mon, do something.

How hard can it be to translate your live magic to record. This is so unfair on fans and I'm not even a fanatic.

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