You all probably think I'm part of this group's PR team but sadly I don't have that luxury. The truth is I know very little about the band and their music. I recently discovered Hot Chip during a screening on BBC's Jools Holland show. I was instantly sold and the rest is history.

They've just released an album which is quickly burning up the UK Charts. The album is
Made in the Dark
and it is seriously toxic. If there is an album you should take a chance on this season, this is it!

Very few dance records since Massive Attack's Protection show this much diversity and range. The production quality is so good that you tend to envisage a bunch of keyboard geeks getting the buzz of their lives in the studio.

Standouts include Wrestler, Shake a Fist, Ready for the Floor and Don't Dance and incredibly, there are some great ballads. Yep, you heard me - ballads.

Take a chance today with some HOT CHIP.

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Tiger Tem said...

You know we've been killing the Hot Chip in our house. Love, love, love it!