I'm usually sceptical about certain "Africa" campaigns adopted by corporate giants with biased corporate social responsibility blinkers on their heads however the new Benetton Microcredit Africa campaign has trully challenged my cynicism about the issue.

Benetton has puts the spotlight on entrepreneurial Africa. This campaign is designed to celebrate the hard working men and women on the streets of Sub-saharan Africa struggling to make tiny profits from their respective crafts. The spotlight highlights current challenges facing fishermen, decorators, musicians, jewellery-makers, farmers, tailors, textile sellers and athletes.

The 2008 global communication campaign aims to promotes the Birima micro-credit programme in Senegal, a co-operative credit society founded by the Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour. The programme will also receive financial support from Benetton Group.

The campaign slogan was developed by Fabrica and has quickly dominated billboards leaving millions of impressions on the print and online community around the globe. The campaign was unveiled in last month and it features Senegalese workers who have used micro loans to start small, productive businesses. Photographer James Mollison portrays them with the tools of their trade against a neutral background.

These images are tangible symbols of an Africa that uses the dignity of work to fight poverty, promote equitable development, maximise its resources and take back responsibility for creating its future.

We can all show our support by purchasing more benetton goods. Their new range is fantastic so we have litle excuses.

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