Will there ever be another boyband like Boyz II Men?

I bet you've never thought about this question - will this looks-orientated talentless music industry allow four chubby boys from (Lord knows where there from) with bad dress sense (faded jeans, ties and biker jackets) to win countless grammys and record some of the best harmonies the music world has ever heard again?

The answer remains to be seen but we can't deny the magic these men gave us - classics like Motownphilly, Yesterday, Water runs dry, I'll make love to you, Song for Mama, 4 seasons of loneliness - are you out of breath yet? Their magic was untouchable and don't get me wrong there has been some great bands in recent times - Jagged Edge, etc but not many have made ladies wet their Victoria's secrets like these chaps.

BET needs to induct these guys into their Hall of Fame cause you know MTV ain't. We'll take second best, it's okay all the guys are out-of-shape anyways, it could be quite disturbing for the TRL kids.

We salute you Boyz II Men. Thank you Thank you Thank you


Simisola said...

No there never will be. I'm so sad about their demise but maybe they will be affordable if I want them to sing at my wedding. Gotsa look on the bright side of things

Anonymous said...

That could be a great business venture for the boys - cause you know those men have some looooooooove songs that will make a bride leave her groom at the reception