A word of advise to Owen Wilson, don’t take that woman back. If you attempted suicide over a woman you should never never and we mean (let’s say it together) never take her back, if you managed to survive the ordeal that is.

Rumour has it, Kate Hudson recently split with boyfriend Dax Shepard because “she wanted to spend time together with her son”. WHATEVEEER!

We like Owen Wilson at Rennaissance Man, the man is a living legend and we were all very upset to see a grown man reduced to nothing because of the four-letter word. Our advice to Owen is a) get better, b) get a new haircut, c) shave more often, d) party with Scarlett Johansson (she’s way hotter than kate anyways plus we think she’s single) and e) never let Kate in the same building as you (at least for the first 3 months). Otherwise, she’ll sneak up on you and voila you will find yourself in a ‘SYMPATHY RELATIONSHIP’.

Now, sympathy dating is cool when you’re broke and height-challenged but it’s just plain ridiculous if you’re a Hollywood actor. No way jose!

I’m going to have to quote Uncle Chris again: Fellas, do you ever catch your woman just looking at you? She’s looking at you cause you ain’t her first choice…”

Nuff said!


papa said...

ur a nutter!!! height challenged. I'm bloody height challenged!

Hopeful B! said...

U r nice blog

Oyy said...

I luv the way u write! Cute=)

Godwin said...

Yea u guys should take heed to the advise of the Renaissance Man! Hihi, might do your account some good!