MTV has a new reality show. Yay! It’s titled LIVING ON THE EDGE

Just in case you don’t know MTVONE (whatever that means) don’t actually play any videos these days, its full of reality shows. Hogan Knows Best, Real World Denver, I love New York (my personal favourite, that woman is definitely U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi) and The Hills (Oohhhh, I love those slags – they are DRAMA – they need inspirational sessions with Ms Mary J Blige)

Now, we all know the UK will try on almost any level to rival their ‘close’ allies. The MTV Europe production team spent all summer shooting a bunch of rich Cheshire kids who have just completed sixth form and are getting ready for the BIG U word.

Excited yet! Ooh yes, so I watched as the ultimate MTV junkie – life isn’t the same without knowing the new stupid-blond chick on the block. After 10 minutes, it was clear I was going to hate this show and it’s lead character, Esme. Yes, Esme!

She’s 18, rude, self-obsessed, slightly lumpy and generally vile.

After 2 opening episodes, it was clear these kids JUST AIN'T FUCKED UP ENOUGH; we watched them play tennis, drink lattes and still no drama. I have concluded that English people just can’t do glamorous nor ditsy, that’s for our Americans to do and they do it well. I will watch the next episode, just to see if they get their acts together and I shall keep you all posted. In the meantime, don’t bother to tune in, that’s my job.

Ooh, anorexia could be a good ‘planted’ plot for Esme. Ooh, you disgusting!!

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shola said...

Oh i totally agree its very stupid and doesn't teach any moral lesson...